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Alex Smith
My relationship is at all time high, Dr. Lanna helped me increase my confidence in and out of the bedroom. Thank you for restoring my sex life.
About Dr. Lanna Cheuck, DO

Dr. Lanna Cheuck

Dr. Lanna Cheuck DO, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons is a board certified Urologic Surgeon who specializes in male and female sexual health. Using a comprehensive program to help restore your sexual Health. Dr. Lanna uses a comprehensive analysis to determine the best way to improve sexual health and wellness and to optimize your libido and function along with improving aesthetics. With her background in Urology and Aesthetics, she is a one stop shop for your sexual functional and aesthetic needs in a convenient and private manner.

She is a board member of the guidelines committee of the ISSM (International society of sexual Medicine) and comes up with best practices and state of the art reviews especially in her area of interest which is regenerative interventions such as penile enhancement with shock wave lithotripsy, stem cells, platelet rich plasma with the optimization of hormones.